Friday, April 28, 2017

Well I just finished watching a Street Cat named Bob a movie about a cat that befriends a human trying to get off of drugs.  I was reminded of just how wonderful our fury friends are.

Few relationships last as long or as loyal as a pet and it's owner. Though owner maybe a bit of a weird term; pet parent, or pet friend, maybe more appropriate in my way of thinking.

I was reminded of my own cat whom came to me on a day when I was lonely, feeling helpless, poor, without a job, and without a child. 

My kitty picked me and I am so grateful.

He was a starving kitten in the woods near my home.  I was on a walk trying to stay trim when I heard his cry his desperate cry.  It was a kitten's cry but it was a babies cry for it's mother.  I could hear his mother and reunited them but his mother took off and as I walked back home the kitten followed.  Try as I might I could not reunite the kitten and mother.

Smokey was under a pound and his ribs were like sticks under my fingers but he was adorable. I brought him to a shelter and several vets offices and no one would take him in unless I paid them.  Seemed a bit odd to me.  I was already smitten but my apartment was a no pets zone. (Thankfully I swayed the landlord whom happen to be my father.)

Smokey as I named him (still remember the vet's secretary  asking me his name telling me I had to call him something; Lucky came to mind, but I decided Smokey sounded cooler.) Well he had fleas and he was anemic, the vet didn't think he'd live.  I knew he would because any creature who could cry as much as him definitely had the will to live.

Smokey has been my best friend for close to eight years now and I love my little kitty.

When I am sad he nuzzles me or does something silly.  He always has a purr for me and he is very good at massage.  Yes a bit weird but my cat likes to jump up on me and knead my tummy or legs sometimes my back.  I think it's cause he thinks I am his mother I guess that's accurate.

I have had some pretty great pets in my life including a dog named Blueberry, a dog named Hershey, a dog named Mocha, and a horse named Rojo; others too.   Seems to me they give so much.  This is why I paint animals and why I give when I can to the ASPCA. (I am pretty poor but every little bit helps)

I paint lots of different subjects,  not just animals. Today though I was thinking of them.

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