Sunday, May 7, 2017

Today so far is much like many of my days.  I woke up had breakfast and started creating art. I worked from about 8am till about 1pm; had lunch.  Now I sit here typing this.

I started a painting of magnolias that were outside my house.  (they are no longer in season but were just a few days ago.  I think the flowers against the backdrop of my house makes a great pattern.  A sense of the abstract in the natural world.  The photo I took has a flatness to it yet it also is a real scene.

Anyway not much to report.  I have continued to post on  To be more accurate the address is  This is where I will be posting my higher priced items.  My ebay store is

I love to paint but some self control is needed for sure.  Today is a lovely day and I would love to be outside.  Great thing about being an artist is that you can kind of make up your own schedule.  Still don't be fooled I usually put in well over the "normal" forty hours a week between my art and my part-time sometimes multiple part-time jobs. 

I ordered an inflatable kayak this morning and hoping it provides me with fun and inspiration.  I have used kayaks before but I had to borrow them.  Now I will own one; a two sitter for me and my husband. He's really excited his birthday is in a couple days and the boat should arrive a few days later.

Little Leeah whom is a neighbor and; I am her Aunt?   (Long story)  was over last night their was a power outage and so she came over to visit.  (We have a generator)  She flew through the house and had a great time and felt the need to look through all my artworks.  She said I was like Picasso.  I don't have kids of my own .  Partially by choice; partially because of a physical problem.  It made me feel as if I was giving the gift of art to the next generation.  I have other nephews and nieces as well.  It feels good to know I could pass down my love for art to others. 

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