Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Finding a subject to write about?

Well it is July 18, 2017  as I write this and I am wondering what to write about.  I always just write about my days as an artist and what that is like.  I wonder if it is a bit boring?  At any rate I guess I will write about my day again.

I have been going over my business plans as always.  I have decided to list more items on ebay even if it means non-art items.  I like picking as they call it.  These items I find get from family, buy from various sources, and find, do have value.  I have tried to do just art on ebay but seems like I get less views to my art and less sales of my art which is very counter intuitive. 

I hope to do more charity work with my sales out of genuine concern for pets.  Perhaps other charities in the future.  The ASPCA is my charity of choice for now.  I have a passion for all animals especially cats and dogs.

I hope people will help me.  Right now I can only afford to give 10% on some of my art sales because I have to pay for my own expenses and living expenses materials and such.

Today is a lazy Tuesday I woke up.  My husband had gone off to work and I blasted the radio while working on my listings and online promotions.  Great way to start the day. 

Later I'll be going to my part-time retail job.  Exercise and getting out of the house can be a bit of a challenge when your an artist.  Yesterday was paint day as I call it and I spent many hours painting not sure how many. 

My husband got a new well paying job so my fear of having to get more "normal" work is over for now. I can continue to do my online and offline sales.  I had made a decision this time when his seasonal job ended that I was not looking for more work that this is my work.  Nathan is always so supportive and tells me I don't have to work but I know things run smoother in every respect if I work at least a part-time job.  This time his job is not seasonal.  Thank God!

I thank the universe, God, for a life I enjoy and feel I have value to others!