Sunday, August 6, 2017

Well here I am reflecting on almost thirty years of creating art.  I am turning the big 40 on August 24th.  I have been painting and creating art with "real" art supplies since I was twelve.  (Not thirty years but close.)

I have looked at my old paintings and thought of how I have changed and how I have stayed the same. I have always had a impressionistic leaning. I still do.  My drawing skills have become much better of course. 

It seems like I have finally been selling my work consistently for some years now.  Lately especially this last month I have seen room for hope; as I get better at showing and marketing my art.  That is my greatest challenge.

Selling has gotten to be such a dirty word in our society and yet it is necessary and good.  I am sharing my passions with others and giving back.  All products and services need passion and a use otherwise they wither and die. 

I will always create art. Sell or no sell.  Somehow art is more alive when people are actually making it a part of their lives.

People make it a part of their lives by painting or admiring or purchasing; visiting a museum.  Seems too often the visual arts that aren't related to television, sports, video games, or dance these days get left behind.

The internet while flooding the market making it easier and cheaper to afford original art work gives me hope; despite the fact that artists are as far I as I can tell making less big ticket sales.  Selling has become easier and freer as an artist doesn't have to censor themselves are stick to painting just one thing as in the old days were traditional art galleries were masters and artist must do as they say or not sell or work.

Selling is now global or in my case national were before I could only sell to people within my adjacent towns. This is very helpful for consistent work and sales.  Which equals less years of no profit or no sales because you are selling pool is huge and at times maybe a bit overwhelming.   It means there are plenty of people out there looking to own.

The future seems bright.

I sit here and reflect on this and that.  I have been doing this a long time.  Seems at times an almost cruel joke as I work and get little in return at times.  Still I have customers who have contacted me  at times years after the sales and have told me how much my paintings have meant to them.  I wake up everyday excited about work and I am these days generally happy as I know it is my choice to be happy.  For some a "normal" 9to5 job is just right; for me this is just right.  I work part-time and am an artist part time.  At times I have done a more "normal" job.  But for me art is a major part of my life and not a choice I have to paint and draw.