Friday, April 21, 2017

Well here I am again today, two days in a row of blogging; that's a real achievement for me!

Anyway here I am sort of still wigging out that yesterday I quit one of my part time jobs.  In part I did it to concentrate on my art more.  In part I was way way over tired.

I started the day off right and planned out listing items and eating breakfast and relaxing slightly eat lunch and here I am blogging.

I truly hope to understand what is and is not working with my art sales.  I sell a ton.  Often one a week or more so the question becomes why am I not making much money.  (I need money for bills and materials just like any other human.)  Well honestly I have to take a hard look at expenses and the amount of money I charge.  My art is sometimes underpriced I think well really I know.  My materials costs are about what they should be in my mind. 

Anyway some of my works will now be on under my name Tara Stephanos.

These works will be ones I deem as being more expensive and valuable.  I will be putting up a direct link soon but not today.  Still you can find me at

I will also be continuing my ebay sales.  I will be offering a larger range of prices and sizes; or at least that is my plan.  My prices will be from around $20.00 to a little under a $1000.  I will be pricing them based on how valuable I feel they are.  Most of my items will still be on ebay for under a hundred dollars or so.

I enjoy sharing with others it's not just about money.

So am sitting here planning out some new works.  I hope to go back to some older works and rework them.  I have one of my mother with sunglasses swimming at the lake which would look great if I cut it down and reworked it.  Hope to have that up soon.

I am inspired to do some landscapes too as it is spring and the trees are budding here.

The magnolia tree outside my front door has many buds this year.  Last year it had only one as if it was in morning for Nathan's father's death which occurred right before Easter last year. This year the tree is happy.

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