Thursday, June 16, 2016

It has been a while since I have posted.

I am moving to CT from MA I am technically moved but still transferring over some stuff such as vehicle stuff.  Anyway.   It's a good thing in away.  I was living in a little apartment and each room was filled to the brim with my stuff lots of it art stuff.  I now have an actual studio for my art once again like I did when I was young living at home until I turned 26 and a half.  Now 38 I have a house with my man in CT a nice country home.  It's sad too though as the way we got it was that his father died.  That is the main reason I took a break for awhile from working on selling/and sharing my art.

We didn't have anything now with have multiples of everything in a different place.  I feel almost like I won the lottery but not.  I liked Nathan's father and would have rather had him still in our lives.

I feel good though and it's times like these I don't feel I have mood issues or anxiety issues but I know I do.  Still I am able to deal with things with no medication. 

Life feels good.  I am hoping the dark cloud that was following me for close to two years is gone.  I had so many friends and family that died in that time it was no wonder I was having issues; not to mention struggles with "career".

I have been painting and creating with a lot of vigor and can't wait to go make more as I sit here writing this.  Lately I have been creating a variety of images lots of animal inspired but other images too.

I find texture and the use of vibrant colors as always are inspiring me to create.

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