Thursday, July 2, 2015

I am doing so much better.  Having mental illness is no joke.  And it's not glamorous. I was at the point where getting out of bed was a struggle and going to my local grocery store would just about induce a panic attack.  For anyone that doesn't know there are various kinds of panick attacks non of them are fun.  They can feel like a heart attack.  You can get very very sick.  I also get tourette symptms and for those of you who don't know that means spouting jibberish, swears, or strange shaking ticks.  My head my body shakes and moves in strange ways.  It isn't pleasant for anyone to see.  It's also embarassing to not be able to control yourself.  Why am I explaining this now?  Well I have been doing lots of soul searching and mental health exercises lately haven't had an attack in probably a month or more.  I geuss I am trying to spread awareness in a small way.  That mental illness is a real thing.  That it's not funny and it's not entirely the fault of the person who experiences it.  For me it was a combination of genetics and several dramatic life events that caused me to go get sick.  This is the case for many people whom suffer.  There are ways to get healthy a therapist certainly helps.

Yes the brain can be hurt and in pain just like the body.

My dramatic events some of them in my life included being deathly ill as a child and surviving.  Then in my late twenties I had a boyfriend whom abused me in every way you can possibly imagine and then some. Yes PTSD is real.

Today is today and thank god for that.  The past is over.

It's a sunny glorious day.  I have been working on selling my art jewelry and thrift items.  I am happy and feeling good.  Despite the fact I have a problem with a tooth that I am soon getting resolved.  I feel like I can't wait to do some online work, some art work, etc.

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